Thursday, July 1, 2010

Adiós, Mr. Snapping Turtle...

Pobre Mr. Snapping Turtle... I'm sure he didn't imagine his day ending with a blow to the head by a large, black handgun...

The story goes: Beth bribed me into taking her into Athens to have lunch with her friends. We had a nice lunch at Casa Nueva, then ventured off to our favorite store, Dollar Tree! After our lovely time in Athens, we headed home. When I pulled in the driveway, I noticed something large and brown inching across the front lawn.

EV: "What is THAT?!?"
Beth: "Looks like a snapping turtle."
EV:"OMG. I'm calling Nathan (the gun-wielding neighbor). Time to die, turtle."

You see, I'm not usually this cruel. Especially to turtles... I LOVE turtles! They're my family's good-luck charm after one saved my mom from death by logging truck. But this thing....this thing wasn't any ole grass eatin', slow-movin', family-savin' turtle. It was a giant nuisance for my pond and the fishy inhabitants. We'd had trouble with snapping turtles in the past terrorizing our little pond, and I wasn't about to let this guy get away! So, we called Nathan: family friend and neighbor. He volunteered to come shoot it and take it away. Next thing we knew, BLAMO! Bye bye, Mr. Snapping Turtle...

It wasn't an ideal end to my (or Mr. Turtle's) day, but when upkeeping a farm, you gotta do what's necessary. RIP, Mr. Snapping Turtle...Hope you're in Turtle Heaven...



  1. Poor mean turtle ;~;

  2. Hilarious..i dont want to meet this gun toting neighboor of urs..cute :P