Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Summer of Supernatural and Entrapment

Dang, it's toasty outside! Good thing I've spent all day inside with the air-conditioning...heheheh. It's evident that I am the epitome of Generation Y.

Anywho! Today was nice. I forced my sister to sleep down in her room last night (she's been sleeping upstairs on the couch because of her discomfort with her futon). From this morning, I have been keeping her down in her room. I plugged the TV and DVD player in (against my Mother's banning due to Beth's thesis deadline in a month...), and made her watch old episodes of Supernatural with me allllll daaaaay. I even brought her food and Diet Mt. Dew occasionally to keep her happy.

I felt a little like a crazy person ("It puts the lotion in the skin," anyone?), but it really did bring back lots of awesome, warm, squishy childhood memories. *FLASHBAAAACK* Laying on that cramped, uncomfortable futon in my PJ's watching the perpetually-subtitled TV with my sissy... Every once in a while I would reach over and pinch/slap/bite/punch her to show my love... We'd fight over who's turn it was to switch out the disks, or laugh at the unintentionally lewd closed-captioning... Then, when we'd get bored of watching 12 straight hours of television, and we would just sit and talk. It was the highlight of growing up with my sister.

I realize I may be going through a tiny crisis. Things are changing for the both of us... In just a few months I'll be living in a dorm at college, and Beth will be far away at grad school. Afterwards, we might get our own places...maybe start our own families, and where will these nights of pure, childhood indulgence go? I want to savor them now, even if it means caging my sister in her room with no sunlight (our rooms are in the basement=no windows) for hours on end. Who knows when we'll have the chance again?

In other words... Sorry, Beth. Prepare for a summer of Supernatural and entrapment.



  1. I have never been privy to sibling revelry, so please feel free to bite/punch her once on my behalf. I shall live vicariously!