Friday, June 25, 2010

Yes, Alice Cooper... School May Be Out for the Summer... However, It Is Not Yet "Forever"

Alrighty! There seems to be a lot of confusion between friends, family, and old classmates about what I am actually doing school-wise.

Here's the breakdown for ya: After graduating high school in 2008, a huge university wasn't really an option ($). Instead, I chose to go to a local community college to fulfill all my core classes and earn a Transfer Degree. In June of 2010, I graduated from said college with my degree and am now transferring to a University where I hope to graduate in 2012 with a degree in Video Production!

Now that THAT's cleared up, here is a further look into my scholastic journey.

At said community college, I accomplished several things I never though I could have. My first quarter was a bit of a disaster, but after that everything seemed to fall into place for me. In the process of completing all my basic, core classes I learned some things about myself. {1} Yup. I still suck at math. But, if I really put my mind to it and sacrifice a little eating and sleeping (ya know, the frivolities in life), I can somehow pull a "B" out of you know brain, of course. {2} I am apparently "tutor quality," as I was the only Spanish tutor at my school for a quarter (then I made my friend from Spanish class, Victor help out!) {3} I absolutely, full-heartedly LOVE the Spanish language. {4} I am really NOT OK with people copying-off my work. In high school, I thought it was "helping," now it just royally pisses me off. I spent a long time working on this, why should I help your lazy-butt get a grade you don't deserve? Zero tolerance for cheaters. Not even friends. {5} Turns out, living 2 years without TV isn't so bad... it's kinda nice.

All that having been said, I do have a few tangible things to take away from my experience, as well.
  • Associate of Arts Degree in Liberal Arts Transfer with an emphasis in Spanish.
  • A 3.845 GPA making me Cum Laude. (Sooo close to Magna Cum Laude 3.9! GAH!)
  • Phi Theta Kappa (2-year college Honor Society) membership/ tassel and stole at graduation.
  • Giving the Honor Student Response (equivalent to Valedictorian in HS) at graduation!
  • ANNNND, a $6,000 Transfer Scholarship to University for "academic excellence!"
  • I went in to video record my speech for the school's website! (Hope it's not awful... I don't know when it will be up... I'll post it as soon as it appears.)
Basically, it was an AMAZING last two years and I am really going to miss my little community college and all the wonderful people I met while there.


Now, here's to the future and what I know it holds for me so far:

I have been accepted into the nationally-acclaimed Video Production program in the School of Media Arts and Studies in the College of Communications at Ohio University! Crazy long, isn't it.

So, there ya have it! My scholastic history and known-future for the time being! It's a lot... Trust me, I know. I had to live it.


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